The 10 business benefits of DRaaS

The 10 business benefits of DRaaS

DR, even when procured as a service from a specialist provider, is a significant and ongoing commitment for any organisation. Here’s why it’s all worthwhile.

By Sasha Malic, Head: Availability Services, ContinuitySA

DR is designed to help organisations survive unforeseen, unplanned events, from severe catastrophes such as war, civil unrest or a hurricane to more localised ones like fire, flooding, power outages or telecommunications failure. Industrial action is also something that can affect a company’s ability to operate.

The effects of these events might not be direct, but they could affect the supply chain, or just prevent your employees from getting to work.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that DRaaS as I have described it can help your organisation overcome these challenges and obtain the following 10 main benefits:

  • DRaaS essentially gives you a new data centre in the cloud, thus making critical applications much more available.
  • Cost reduction. DRaaS will end up being much cheaper than traditional, real-world DR on a feature-by-feature basis.
  • The DRaaS provider will give you a single interface into your solution, so you will be able to see just how well all your backups and replications are working, for one thing.
  • As your production environments increases or decreases in size, you can scale the DR environment to match. One thing to watch: making sure that you have enough bandwidth for moving data between the sites.
  • The “as a service” model means you are not locked into any hardware or software technology.
  • Easier testing. Failover testing is now as simple as pointing and clicking, which takes a lot of the effort (and risk) out of testing. And, as I have made clear, if it isn’t tested regularly, it isn’t reliable.
  • DRaaS comes with a lot of really good tools for monitoring and protecting critical and sensitive information—and provides auditors with an easily verifiable “paper” trail.
  • Competitive advantage. By enlisting a DR specialist onto your team, and a tested, fit-for-purpose DR capability, DRaaS provides a great measure of assurance that your company will be able to continue servicing customers no matter what. Make sure they know it!
  • Disaster survival. The disaster might never happen, but who would want to bet everything they have worked on it? DRaaS makes it both practical and affordable to put a solution in place to ensure your company can bounce back.

This series of blogs has made extensive use of the excellent DRaaS for Dummies, sponsored by our partners, Veeam. The Veeam Availability Suite makes DRaaS not only possible but easy to achieve, which is why we use it. DRaaS for Dummies is available for free download.

For more information and a DRaaS solution that would be best suited to your organisation contact us today.

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