Communications solutions: internet connectivity, network security and more

ContinuitySA offers a comprehensive set of internet connectivity solutions to ensure your company remains connected when networks go down or security is breached.

A business is not competitive if its employees cannot communicate with each other, or with clients and business partners. Its ability to communicate with its ecosystem may be compromised when Internet connectivity is lost, the communications provider goes down, the network is breached or the telephone system malfunctions. All can effectively cut the company off from its partners and customers, and inhibit the ability of colleagues to collaborate.

How we ensure maximum uptime and network security

ContinuitySA has a range of solutions to help ensure that in the event of any communications failures, clients can be reconnected swiftly. Our service offerings are fully managed and are tailored to client requirements in line with the overall business continuity management plan:



Network Security


Technology Service Solutions from ContinuitySA: